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Автор: Lisemayrand, 28 марта 2013 г. в 19:07 комментировать

my name is Lise and i am a journalist for a french horse magazine entitled Cheval magazine. I am working on an article about the terets horse and am looking for terets owners who could talk about their horse, the way they found it, why they wanted to own a terets horse, what makes it so special to them. The fact is it seems to be rare even in russia. I am desperate to find people who could talk about this beautiful horse.
Please contact me !

Ключевые слова: terets

Автор: Karina Rapp, 21 декабря 2012 г. в 23:36 комментировать

I have two quality, VNIIK registered Budenny mares in California, USA. I am looking for a Budenny stallion with a performance record in jumping and/or dressage with a quiet and easy temperament to breed to my mares. Shipped semen (frozen) is a must. Looking to breed at least one mare for 2013. There are no other registered Budenny stallions in North America beside the sire of my mares. This is an excellent opportunity for your stallion's promotion! (pictures of mares at www.zalatoyranch.com)

There is also the possibility and opportunity for a stallion syndicate in southern California, one of the richest horse states in the United States of America.

Please contact me ASAP or reply to this thread. Russian or English, both are okay--> karina@zalatoyranch.com

Ключевые слова: Budenny, budyonny, budjonny, budyonovskaya, stallion, breeding

Автор: Radek, 12 ноября 2010 г. в 19:18 комментировать

More information www.equimedic.pl


We can assist you in purchase quality horses directly from breeders.
Best bloodlines combined in quality foals, very promising youngsters and sporthorses.

Few examples of our horses you can find on our website www.equimedic.pl

Ratina Z, Darco, Saphire, Cornet Obolensky, Toulon,... The list of the Belgian bred horses that perform on the highest level is endless. As central country in Europe, Belgium is regarded by many horse breeders, riders and dealers as the undisputed number one when it comes to horse breeding. Our Belgian bred horses are found all over the world competing in the largest shows and every hundreds of elite foals, young horses and sporthorses are sold to all corners of the world. Our three Belgian studbooks Zangersheide, BWP and SBS do their best year after year to select the best stallions and to motivate breeders to breed with high quality broodmares and the best stallions that worldwide can be found.

On these pages you can find some top broodmares owned by Belgian breeders. The overview shows the different mares with pictures and more information, on the pages ‘Breeding Program’ you can find the foals that will be expected next. Horse owners and breeders who want to start with the highest quality can find some very good foals for sale on the ‘Sales Page’.

Obviously in these pages are not only mares with primeval old Belgian mother lines. The location of Belgium in Europe makes it possible to create the perfect mix in breeding. This mix is the strength and advantage of the Belgian breeding. Remember how Mr. Melchior (founder of Studbook Zangersheide) went to Hannover several decades ago to buy the best mares over there and later cross them with the French stallion Almé Z. This cross-outs mares were later mated with the stallion Ramiro Z. Out of this orginal mix Ratina Z was born, Ratina Z is still known as the best mare ever! Without such an international mix, we would miss a large number of contemporary horses. For example the relevance of the moment, Mylord Carthago; a typical cross between german (Carthago Z) and french (Jalisco B) blood. Or what about the Holsteiner Sieger 2008: Diarado (Diamant de Semilly - Corrado I). It may be clear that these pages contain not only the typical Belgian horses, but simply the best horses Belgium has to offer! You will see some pure bred Holsteiner and Hanoveranian mares such as the full sister to Casiro (Cassini I - Landgraf I) and the mare Cassina (Cassini I - Cor de la Bruyere). We also offer products from various interesting mixes of European studbooks like the mare Jaretelle Z. This is a daughter by Jus de Fontaines with the famous Caletto I mare Roofs. Roofs is without any doubt one of the best mares in the world, under Jan Tops she competed at the highest possible level! From Jaretelle Z we will expect 3 foals by embryo transplantation in 2010. The first of the French-bred stallion stallion Zandor Z (Zeus), the second will be a foal by the stallion Cornet Obolensky (Clinton – Heartbreaker), a from origin Belgian stallion. The third will be a foal by the pure bred Holsteiner stallion Clinton I (Carolus).

Автор: Жужжалка, 19 мая 2009 г. в 02:18 комментировать

Talisman, 7 year old Budenny gelding for sale. Brought from the stud by Andrey Korshunov, member of the Russian National Eventing team. The horse has been prepared for dressage since 4 years old. Leg yield, half-passes, extended trot, working on flying changes. Stunning jumping technique. For more information, please, contact avv.loshadi@gmail.com

Ключевые слова: Budenny, budyonny, budjonny, sale, dressage, jumping, Talisman

Автор: RAQUETTE, 12 мая 2009 г. в 03:49 комментировать


Ключевые слова: я и лошадь

Автор: Uncle Pasha, 6 апреля 2009 г. в 10:32 комментировать

I'm getting ready for leisurely horse-powered trips starting from Staritsa, Tver region, between Moscow & St. Petersburg. Equipment available: large insulated heated wagon, two-wheel cart, three horses, and a 4WD support vehicle for whimps, tents and other misc. camping equipment. Dirt roads, deserted villages, giant mosquitoes.. See www.russian-horse-rides.com or write to paul_voytinsky@yahoo.com

Автор: Uncle Pasha, 1 марта 2009 г. в 20:43 комментировать

Private dacha, small, unpretentious, and inexpensive (from 750 roubles, or $25, on weekdays for accommodation, food, and unlimited riding). Four hours by bus from Moscow. Unlimited riding area in the hills over the Volga. Details at www.russian-horse-rides.com Just upgraded!

Автор: Mirus, 7 января 2009 г. в 13:11 комментировать

I am sorry if this thread is out of line, but I am new here and I couldn't seem to find anythin against asking this question:

Is there any chance of finding breeders or dealers in Russia without knowing Russian?
I'm very interested in finding a Budjonny, but I don't know where to start.

Автор: LittleHorse, 21 августа 2008 г. в 23:34 комментировать

Hello everybody!

Does anyone know anything about gelding called Mramor? Hi was born in 2001. He was imported to Finland in spring 2007 (at the same time he was castrated). I found name Fedorovich (?) in his papers and I was told that Mramor came from st Petersbug.

Here is pictures from him:


Please, e-mail me if you have any information from Mramor's past!

Thank you!

Автор: Jay, 10 апреля 2008 г. в 17:54 комментировать

I am a new user, and at the moment I have some weired password that the cite gave me. Whenever I click on "otredaktirovati dannie" it doesn't give me the option to change my password. Any suggestions?

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