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Лана Соль

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Лана Соль

LJ All Stars Part 1

5 июня 2004, 09:31:52
I'm all about the funny.

So many journals offer up sporadic entertainment mixed in with the boring minutiae of daily life. Not so jourdannex What I like best about her is that if she doesn't have anything funny to say, she doesn't say anything at all. Thus, she'll be the least frequently updated lj on your friends list, but you can happily waste a day or two reading every old entry in her lj- no filler.

She's a former Jehovah's Witness with a razor wit and a penchant for monkey pets and expensive shoes. She goes to lesbian bars. You love her so much.

Oh, and her posts are almost all locked. Friend her and get added- so worth it.

More than honorable mention goes to mrmustard Again, no fluff. His is a hilarious concept-based journal with the occasional (and disarming) personal anecdote. He's just beyond great.

larrondo is indescribably great, so I won't even try. Read this entry and then friend him: http://www.livejournal.com/users/larrondo/18075.html

jathomas is a hapless Southerner who's always having hilarious misadventures. Go and have a chuckle at his expense.


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