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My website

27 ноября 2008, 01:24:25

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15 ноября 2008, 06:38:24


14 ноября 2008, 05:22:01
Блин, где мои таблетки от головной боли

Мой новый сайт

14 ноября 2008, 05:17:42

Blog #1 “Equine Joint Injections: Why should you inject?”

16 октября 2008, 22:34:23
Horses did not evolve to be suited for riding. No matter how much we want to believe that this is exactly what horses are for (riding), they aren’t.

Don’t want to inject your horse’s joints? Fine, but the only way you will be able to keep your horse truly sound is by doing this:

Nevzorov Haute Ecole Journal # 3
Any time spent on the horse's back is answered by simple physiology.
1-15 min: particular sensations are absent
15-30 min: growing (until a certain limit) discomfort
After 30min, characterized by simple physiological analysis as "strong pain"
Anymore- Trauma

So this means that the rider should not be on the horses back more than 15minutes 3 times a week, and that is of correct riding.
Those sport horses that you see, the majority of them are lame. Sadly, very few people see it because the horses are evenly sound and/or the people have not been exposed to truly sound horses and therefore don’t know what to look for.
Remember: Thoroughbreds get hot, warmbloods get lazy. This just means that hotter breeds run away from the pain while the colder breeds stop due to the pain. This is the reason why race horses (Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Quarter Horses) can’t really walk. They prance all the time, and take off quite often.
More to come: About Injections, Popular Myths, and Personal Cases


15 октября 2008, 02:07:08
Damn, it's been a long time since i was last here. I am now in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm in college studying Criminology and Forensic Anthropology :):):)

The Halter

30 апреля 2008, 18:38:54
I’ve been digging through my small, but much cluttered closet for about 15 minutes now. I’ve been trying to find my Minnesota T-shirt that I got at the airport last summer. I think it’s about time I clean out my closet. All of the sudden I came up across Nantes’ halter. It has three stripes, blue stripe at the top, white in the middle and red stripe at the bottom. The colors could be brighter, but instead the entire halter is covered with dirt, which is never going to come off. It could also use some stitching. This halter is a symbol of friendship. Friendship between me and Nantes, between a horse and a woman. This halter belongs to a beautiful, bay horse Nantes. I’ve known him for three years. It was love at first sight. He was a beautiful and very powerful horse. But that wasn’t why I fell in love with him, and definitely not the reason why our two souls connected. His eyes were very beautiful, yet very sad. I wasn’t really happy at the time either. I just moved to Colorado from Texas. I was in a new climate, new school, around new people. I was away from all of my friends; I didn’t want to be here. Nantes, on the other hand, has been in Colorado for about five years, but like me I don’t think he wanted to be here. Nantes was, and still is, a dressage horse. He has always been good at it. What he was missing was a true friend. Nantes had a very old owner, who would on occasion come and visit him. He also had a trainer. She is a great trainer. She loves horses deeply, but I don’t think she really had time to be close friends with Nantes. Then I came. I lived close to the barn at that time. Nantes was like a big magnet. I didn’t want to be apart from him. I used to spend hours grooming him. He would shine after I would finish with grooming. But being a typical horse, Nantes would roll around as soon as I put him back in his corral. Nantes was such a joy to be around. I had the hardest time taking pictures of him. He just didn’t want to stand still. He would follow me everywhere. I remember spending an hour in his still. Just sitting there. Nantes would munch on his hay for a little bit, and then he would come over to me to give me a few kisses. After that he would go back to munching his hay. I loved the simplicity of all of it. No words needed to be said. We were together and that mattered the most. Our bond was slowly growing stronger and no one could stop it. Next year, when I go to college, I am probably going to cry on my last visit with him before I head of to New Mexico. But, no matter what, Nantes will always be in my heart. His halter will always be with me as a reminder of him. While most of my stuff will be packed away into boxes soon, the halter will be at my side reminding me of my special friend.

My Equine Friend

29 февраля 2008, 23:31:15
All my life I have been horse crazy. I could go on for hours talking about horses with countless stories from the past five years. Out of all the horses that I’ve met over the years, however I truly bonded with one particular horse. The event took place last spring when my heart was broken by a baseball player and a horse named Nantes came to the rescue. I was in love with the baseball player for two years. My feelings were strong, and I knew I had to tell him. I felt nauseous, with my heart beating about a million miles per hour, and the palms of my hands sweating. I was really nervous. He was sitting with his friends, when I came up to him, “Can I talk to you for a minute?” The baseball player got up and we walked over to the side. I looked into his beautiful brown eyes, and his gorgeous smile, and I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. “Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you something since last year. I think you are a great guy (he smiles), and, well…..I really like you,” I said with my face most likely bright red. He paused a little, then the baseball player said to me, “Alright, we should hang out. I’m gonna have to get your number sometime.” “Okay……I guess……I’ll see you later then,” that was all I could get out of myself without screaming and jumping for joy. I was on cloud nine. A week and a half later he got my number, nothing happened. Three weeks after I told him I realized that nothing was going to happen. My heart was shattered in a million pieces. I felt alone. I was scared. I imagined that I was going to spend the rest of my life alone, and I had no one to whom I could turn. That weekend I went to visit my horse Nantes. As I got out of the car, the familiar smell of horses filled my lungs, the kind of smell that usually only horse people appreciate. The sound of horses munching on the hay made me feel at home. I heard a soft whinny from Nantes. He was out and about in his sandy corral which needed a paint job done to the fence. I ran over to him. I gripped the cold, green chipping fence and climbed over. What happened next was unbelievable. He looked down at me with his big, brown, soft and really kind eyes, where I really got lost in them. Nantes’ back was covered with dust from rolling all morning. His black mane had pieces of hay stuck in it, but he didn’t care. The pain from my heartbreak was there. He felt my pain and sadness. As he came closer to me, I could feel his breath. Nantes placed his head on my shoulder, as I started crying. I grabbed his very long, but soft neck, and I just stood there crying. He stayed with me and wouldn’t leave my side. The horse that cares about his hay more than anything else, stayed with me. I started talking to him, “Nantes, I’m scared; I’m really, really scared. I don’t want to be alone. I want someone to love me, someone to care for.” He must have understood something, because he pulled me closer to him with his head as if to say, “Don’t worry; I’m here for you. I love you.” Then, Nantes started making funny faces. He would pull out his tongue and do weird movements with his jaw. He wanted to make me laugh, and it worked. He also tried to eat my old basketball shoes. They were so old, the shoes slid on the court insteadof making squeaking noises. Nantes also enjoyed rubbing his big, long, brown head against one of my legs. I think he enjoyed seeing me laugh. That day in the spring I had my heart broken for the very first time. I now knew exactly how much heartbreaks hurt. I also realized how close Nantes was to me. I knew how strong our bond really was because of that one moment. When I was completely broken and, Nantes knew exactly what to do. To this day Nantes takes care of me. He greets me with his soft whinny, and he still lets me cry in his mane.

Video of Nantes

11 февраля 2008, 22:57:28


4 февраля 2008, 23:01:40
Patriots lost :(
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