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Nadina Ironia

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Nadina Ironia

DEAD pictures

17 января 2012, 00:07:00
so sad, all of blog pictures are gone and don't know how to return it :(

Megan day 3

28 мая 2011, 00:12:00

so far we are. hope to finish it monday or tuesday. did picture when it was getting dark outside, so it' not true color :)

Megan day 2

27 мая 2011, 01:09:00


19 мая 2011, 15:19:00
I'm gonna start another painting today. just sketched it on canvas. it will be portrait of bay mare Megan 40x50cm

work in progress part 2

18 мая 2011, 22:25:00

chestnut dressage horse I'm working on now. hope to finish this weeek before I start another one.

dressage horse

18 мая 2011, 22:16:00

so.. another piece I'm working on now.
picture of this horse is done in Killossery during Dressage Ireland Competition. don't remember name of horse lol :)
but I really like it :) size 30x40cm

Caramel painting

18 мая 2011, 21:11:00

this piece didnot take so long as normally painting does :) was inspired by Caramel as model so far as painted him in one day :) have had artistical photo before of him but lost original of it, so decided to do a painting :)

it is 30x40cm big painted on canvas with acrylic paints.
colour is not that good on photo, I definately have to learn how to do photography of paintings as there is too much reflections even on matt paint.

Horse Mad store

18 апреля 2011, 16:31:00
is going to display my paintings at the Horse Mad store in Swords near Kilronan Equestrian centre.
:) hopefully bus is not full at the time i'm going... I want I need car! busdriving is not big fun..

flyers for discounts are ready, pricelists printed and 5 art pieces are ready to go :)

Chestnut horse painting signed

18 апреля 2011, 16:29:00

very first painting i dis so detailed with acrylics. :) size is 40x50cm, now warnished and ready to go for sale :)

day two finished

13 апреля 2011, 21:14:00

had plan to do some more on mane and nose, but time is running so fast. and as more I'm painting as more I understand i love painting and ai need more excersising myself in it :)
this painting is going to be sold at Mad HOrse store in Swords
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